Another master


When we were about to release Noumenon we decided to look for a mastering engineer that seemed experienced in our genre and preferably had experience from some of the bands we like most. We found a few candidates and decided to go for Jan Lehmkämper (X-FUSION MUSIC PRODUCTION) and Andreas Andersson (SERVANT STUDIO).

Jan has some nice projects of his own with X-Fusion,  Noisuf-X and Kombat Unit. Appart from his own bands he has experience from mastering a lot of  bands in the scene for example Suicide Commando and SITD.  Servant Studio adds bands like Interlace, Covenant and Thermostatic to their CV. So which one should we go for?

Well, you should always remember the first rule of government spending: why have one when you can have two for twice the price? We decided to try both of them and then select the one we liked best for the official release. Both guys did a great job and they are very nice people to work with. Actually we were very happy with both masters but in the end we decided to use the one from Servant Studios.

Some people might not even hear the difference but the official one has more dynamic content while the other one is louder and more “in the face”. Now we decided to release the one that didn´t make it for the official release on Soundcloud so you can decide for yourself wich one you like best!

By the way, we are working hard on our new material so stay tuned for more information! 🙂

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Interdictor´s music on youtube

To be honest I can´t really see the point in using youtube as a music player. If you got a nice music video to go along with the music, it´s fine. But that´s not so common nowadays. Maybe my skepticism originates in all these lousy videos uploaded with terrible bit rates and awful compression that makes your eyes bleed and your ears scream for mercy. But thats just me being a bit audiophile. The fact is that “the kids” seems to use the tube just for this purpose more often than not. So there´s no reason for us not being available on youtube as long as we can control the quality of our appearance.

Interdictor is kind of an arty project involving expressions in many forms. We choose to do almost everything ourselves. That includes everything from sound design, composing, mixing, lyrics, artwork, this site and so on. On Noumenon we did everything but the mastering within a small group of people who could share the artistic view. When it comes to mastering it´s more of a technical issue than an artistic one and there were people who could do it so much faster and better than ourselves for a reasonable amount of money.

That being said it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that we have ideas of expressing our songs even further in the form of videos. There´s an idea of a video for at least Josef K. If that is ever going to happen we don´t know. If it should happen you can´t expect a Hollywood blockbuster 😉 with cgi special effects but in all it´s simplicity we are sure it would be pretentious enough to express our artistic goals. We focus on our music in the first place and that´s just about what we can handle together with our everyday lives. But who knows, you meet creative people everyday. Someone likeminded might just come across the Interdictor project and make it happen. Or some day we just enter that mode of brute force creation and just do it.

That´s about it, for now. We promise to let you all know when that day has come, and the still images of the cover are replaced with a real video!!! 🙂

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