We told you so!

Darren Aronofsky is one of my personal favorite directors with masterpieces like Pi and Requiem for a dream in his portfolio. I once read an interview with him about the making of Pi and “all the Kabbalah stuff…” in it. The reporter wanted to know how much of it that was true. Darren replied: “Basically most of the stuff about the math and the Kabbalah is true. The fiction is in the glue that holds it together.”

Interdictor loves technology and embraces it fully. Hey, after all we are a fucking industrial band. 😉 As far as we know machines haven´t turned upon mankind yet. We keep doing a pretty good job with that ourselves. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and support the evolution of mankind. Nowadays corporate interest, personal careers, greed, fear and corruption seems to put the agenda for how technology should be used. An infinite sadness for how these matters are evolving led us to writing the song Josef K. I feel even more dejected repeating Darrens words when it comes to Josef K: “The fiction is in the glue that holds it together.”.

I am not going in to any explanations of our songs more than the obvious. I think people deserve the right to make up their own mind and interpret art the way they like without having it all served like a fastfood dish. Josef K is obviously a fictional character in a fictional future. The context of the story  is not that fictive at all. The latest weeks events just made that point even clearer. Enormous amounts of resources and time is put into a project called PRISM. The soley purpose of that project is to monitor people and their actions in the digital world.

You could argue that people who has nothing to hide should not be afraid of such a thing. Well that is just pure BS. The idea that this kind of project is created to ensure the security of the public is also pure BS. There is no state with such noble intentions. Not anymore. The purpose of that project is control. Control in the west was lost when people started to abandon the idea of a higher power to rule us all. Then there was TV. Control was back. A streamlined channel of opium for the masses, straight into peoples living rooms.


Then control was lost again when people shifted their focus from being brainwashed by cable TV to exchanging ideas over the more anarchistic internet. Control is power, power is $. What is happening behind the scenes here we don´t even want to know. It´s ugly, it´s counterproductive for mankind and it´s provoking for everyone who want to live their own lifes in their own way. Another band in the electronic arena once created a great song containing lyrics like: “work, produce, be used”. That is not the way we should live our lives.


Therefore I got to say thank you to Edward Snowden. It´s not that I didn´t know that PRISM exists. That is probably only the top of the iceberg. As much as I really wish we didn´t have to say that we told you so (But, hey: WE TOLD YOU SO)  I am greatful to Snowden for showing everyone without doubt what is going on. I have to admit that I would never sacrifice my job, my freedom and my family for the sake of mankind. I would not expose secret stuff and then have to go to prison for the rest of my life or even being killed. If you sign a contract of secrecy you are meant to keep a secret. You should think about it before signing. But I am very greatful that there are people like Snowden. We all choose to protest in our own way. When it comes to Interdictor we keep writing songs, and always remember:

It´s easier to resist, in the beginning than at the end

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