State of progress


It´s time to share you the state of our progress for the upcoming release. We have more or less reached some kind of production state with everything (if there is such a thing in the process of modern music making). For us that means that the song structures, sound and vocals are all in place and we are polishing  sounds, rhythm and effects.

Well, we still need to record vocals for one more song and then we are all done with that part of the process. In a few weeks we should have all the songs for this release in such a state that we can put some snippets up on Soundcloud so people can hear what to expect this time.

It´s important for us to stay true to the Interdictor sound but at the same time evolve our vision. It won´t sound like Noumenon but it will sound like Interdictor and it will be industrial… we can assure you that!!! We won´t reveal the title just yet but if Noumemon was political and techno philosophical in it´s context, this one will be much more flesh and blood. Still in a philosophical sense though. So now you know exactly what to expect… 😉

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