It´s about time for a teaser

Our latest release dates back to 2014-07-13. That´s when Spectrograph was released. That means almost 2 1/2 years have passed. A lot of bands manage to produce an album in that timeframe. We obviously don´t. Why is that? The answer is simply time and money. Both Henrik and I run our own business for a living. We have families that sometimes expect us to actually leave the studio and enter the real world. We live 400 kilometers appart. That means that we never share studio time. Every song travels a few hundred times back and forth over the internet before we decide it´s good enough.

Most of our studio time comes from late nights or preferably weekends, that´s far from ideal. Some nights you just pass out on the couch. An 8 hour workday is seldom the perfect inspiration before entering the studio.


But why complain? Fact is that if our lives looked different we wouldn’t produce the music we do. It would probably sound a lot different without the impressions and struggle of our everyday life. But still both of us have been thinking about the possibility to quit working and just spend your life doing something that is actually interesting and that doesn’t necessary have to bring you money. We have actually started to lay down the blueprints on how to achieve this in a decent timeframe.

This won´t happen over a year or two but hopefully within a decade. We are not rich and the trick is, you don´t have to be. You just have to value the freedom to do what you really want more than consumption. Saving up that amount of cash will demand som sacrifice and stubbornness. Im pretty sure we are up for the task. It could sound as we hate our jobs. We don´t. We actually have quite interesting jobs. But that does not mean that we want to bury our dreams and spend our whole lifes doing it.


For now we have to continue to play the game while following our plans. Meanwhile we will continue producing songs. Lately we realized that we are getting closer to a release. There’s still some recording to be done. Some production and polishing to be applied. But we should be getting there first quarter of 2017 (no promises). So we think it´s about time we started to share som teasers.

We start with a track that is finished and in pre-master state. This one was meant to be very direct and without too many layers both musically and lyrically. It turned out be quite dense music wise anyway, but that is just the Interdictor way…

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