A Youth Code for our scene

Nowadays you rarely find something that moves the standard forward and breaks new ground in the EBM/Industrial scene. Front Line Assembly released new stuff this summer and while that is an awesome record it´s just what you could expect from their standards. Even the mighty Skinny Puppy released new material this year. But what caught my attention is a duo from LA that seems to have found the right promotor since the whispers about Youth Code seems to be coming from every direction.

So what is all the buzz about then? Well this duo found another way of breaking new ground. They went back to 1987-1990 and produced EBM/Industrial like it used to sound in the days of early Nitzer Ebb and Front 242. To a large amount our scene seems to be caught in a strange regression where people think that you must put on a show including gas masks, uniforms, guns, blood and a sexist behavior, music is secondary. Youth Code seems to be the very opposite of the military fashion show. As far as I can see they are very true in what they are doing. It´s music from musicians who love what they do, without a producer pointing them in a direction where the money is. At least that is what I choose to believe.

Stream the whole album from here: http://pitchfork.com/advance/198-youth-code/ In the upper left corner of that page there is a menu from which you can stream the whole record. I ordered the vinyl immediately after first listening. It´s not that we haven´t heard it before, it´s just so refreshingly pure and aggressive. Perhaps this is what our scene needs, someone who send us 20 years back and finds a new direction to walk the path?

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