There has been too many spam storms on our site lately so we decided to integrate the blog with Facebook. This means that you must have a valid Facebook account to comment our blog posts. We do not really like the idea of integrating to much with Facebook but it was the best solution for now. After all we would like to concentrate on Interdictor and not on rejecting comments about cheap sneakers and viagra.

This also means that when you comment a blogpost on Interdictors facebook page it will show up in the blog comments on as well. Some old comments might display on the blog and if someone doesn´t like that their comments are displayed outside of Facebook please tell us and we will delete them. Freedom of speech is as important for us as the freedom not to speak.

There could possibly be some disturbance on our site for a while as we test out the new comment mechanism and trim the layout. So please forgive us for any inconvenience that might give you! 😉

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