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it´s been a while since we did a blog update. We’ve been busy. The numbers will change. We know how our workflow functions now after 2 releases. 1319 words. 7570 characters. About 5 months of writing. It will be more polished in the end. There might be more words or less words. But this is the foundation of our next release. The meaning of the words will be the same in the end. This is what will transform into emotions, harmony, and sound.

Now that we mention sound. There is sound as well. I just don´t know how to present that in numbers. Let´s just say that we have some material (songs) in different shapes and a whole lot of ideas flowing. In time we will reveal the details about our next release. For now we will keep it to ourselves. Sorry… 😉

But we do want to wish everyone a merry christmas by telling you that there is “something” evolving in the Interdictor camp. And we want to direct a big thank´s to our supporters. When we first started thinking about releasing Noumenon it was just a matter of expressing ourselves. Getting our art out there no matter what. I don´t think neither Henrik or I expected anyone to take that much notice. We were overwhelmed by the interest around the Noumenon release.

Things changed since then. Now we know that there are people listening. People who care. People who like what we do. Our next release will be for you.

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