Vault of inception

You said you were going to continue releasing EP:s and not albums, what happened?

Well the thing is that we wanted to keep full control and manage all about Interdictor ourselves. Most of the time that is not compatible with being on a label.

Then Razgrom Music came along and gave us the chance to do a physical release. Razgrom did not put up any restrictions for our digital and streaming releases whatsoever. So this is the perfect match for Interdictor and Alexey is just the coolest guy to work with!

You could see Vault of inception as a discography of the first years of Interdictor. The most important songs of our first EP:s and singles are included as-well as new songs that will be released on a digital download and streaming EP later in February or early March.

All songs on Vault of inception have been exclusively mastered for the CD and all earlier released songs have been remastered. This CD is a collectors item limited to 300 copies. The full album will not be released to streaming or digital download. There’s a unique mix only available on the CD and the remastered material is also for this CD only.

So if you are a collector of electro-industrial or you just feel like supporting Interdictor and the Razgrom label, consider buying your copy from one of the following places:

People living in Russia should of course head over to Razgrom and buy the CD direct from their shop.

If you are living in the EU or USA, or some place in the rest of the world for that matter we recommend Poponaut.

And for all our neighbours here in Sweden just head over to our Bandcamp and order the cd directly from us.

So what will happen now, will you release another album?

Our plan is to continue working on thematic releases in the EP-format just like before. We really like the idea of working artistically with a concept where all the songs are coherent and fit together like pieces in a puzzle. It has worked really well working like that with 3-5 songs, doing it with 10-15 songs does not, at least not for us (so far). First out is the EP we have been working on with songs included on the CD.

As stated above the EP will be available for digital download and streaming in late February or early March. The EP is called Automaton and includes the songs B36/S125, Administration 1001, Federalist 0A, Byzantium and Pantheon.

Perhaps we make another physical release when we gathered enough material again. It could happen a lot faster this time, we worked on lots of new songs in the latest two years. Some is almost finished and some of it is just sketches. We would love to work with Razgrom once again so let’s just see what happens.

Right now we are working on a follow up to Automaton 0x01 and we hope we can do a little extra with an in between release, perhaps already late 2019… time will tell.

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Federalist 0A

Christian & Henrik

Interdictor in the studio

After a very long time we are very happy to present a new release from the Interdictor camp. So why did it take more than 4 years? After the release of Noumenon we had some interest from a label. But we decided to continue on our own. After the release of Spectrograph there was some renewed interest and we met up with a representative during Electronic Summer 2014.

Nothing was decided but there was some mutual interest and we could obviously need som help with promotion. The idea of a physical release was also rather interesting. Therefore we decided to give it a shot and started working on an album. Things progressed pretty good and after four years we are almost there. We have around 10 songs more or less finished.

BUT, when we sat down and thought about it, we realised that being independent and having full control of what we do is half the fun. We once again decided to continue like before. We embraced the whole process and are now doing mastering for our selves. So for now Interdictor is in control of every single step from idea to the release.

That also means we will continue releasing stuff in the digital EP-format. The EP is called Automaton 0x01 and will be released during the autumn. Today we release one of the songs from that EP in three different versions. There is the English version that will be present on the EP. There is a Swedish version and there is a Danish version. This song is called Federalist 0A.

We are very happy to present a guest appearance by Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip on the Danish version (Federalist 0a 2d). Leaether Strip has been around for ages and always been a major inspiration for Interdictor. Support Leaether Strip over at bandcamp.

Claus Larsen of Leæther Strip

Claus Larsen of Leæther Strip

We think the Danish version of Federalist 0a turned out really good. Claus singing and the danish language is just perfect for this song! For now we hope you will enjoy this single release and we will get back really soon with the complete EP. All songs released under a Creative Commons License. Please download and distribute like you want to.


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Teaser II


It’s about a month since the the first teaser and it´s about time for another one. This is the second song from our upcoming release to reach pre mastering state. We have been working hard to improve our production quality and mixes lately. That´s not the most fun part of creating music but hopefully it will payoff in the end product.

So here it is, a few beats from another new song. We will be back shortly after finishing the mix of another one. Hope you like it!

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It´s about time for a teaser

Our latest release dates back to 2014-07-13. That´s when Spectrograph was released. That means almost 2 1/2 years have passed. A lot of bands manage to produce an album in that timeframe. We obviously don´t. Why is that? The answer is simply time and money. Both Henrik and I run our own business for a living. We have families that sometimes expect us to actually leave the studio and enter the real world. We live 400 kilometers appart. That means that we never share studio time. Every song travels a few hundred times back and forth over the internet before we decide it´s good enough.

Most of our studio time comes from late nights or preferably weekends, that´s far from ideal. Some nights you just pass out on the couch. An 8 hour workday is seldom the perfect inspiration before entering the studio.


But why complain? Fact is that if our lives looked different we wouldn’t produce the music we do. It would probably sound a lot different without the impressions and struggle of our everyday life. But still both of us have been thinking about the possibility to quit working and just spend your life doing something that is actually interesting and that doesn’t necessary have to bring you money. We have actually started to lay down the blueprints on how to achieve this in a decent timeframe.

This won´t happen over a year or two but hopefully within a decade. We are not rich and the trick is, you don´t have to be. You just have to value the freedom to do what you really want more than consumption. Saving up that amount of cash will demand som sacrifice and stubbornness. Im pretty sure we are up for the task. It could sound as we hate our jobs. We don´t. We actually have quite interesting jobs. But that does not mean that we want to bury our dreams and spend our whole lifes doing it.


For now we have to continue to play the game while following our plans. Meanwhile we will continue producing songs. Lately we realized that we are getting closer to a release. There’s still some recording to be done. Some production and polishing to be applied. But we should be getting there first quarter of 2017 (no promises). So we think it´s about time we started to share som teasers.

We start with a track that is finished and in pre-master state. This one was meant to be very direct and without too many layers both musically and lyrically. It turned out be quite dense music wise anyway, but that is just the Interdictor way…

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1319 words


it´s been a while since we did a blog update. We’ve been busy. The numbers will change. We know how our workflow functions now after 2 releases. 1319 words. 7570 characters. About 5 months of writing. It will be more polished in the end. There might be more words or less words. But this is the foundation of our next release. The meaning of the words will be the same in the end. This is what will transform into emotions, harmony, and sound.

Now that we mention sound. There is sound as well. I just don´t know how to present that in numbers. Let´s just say that we have some material (songs) in different shapes and a whole lot of ideas flowing. In time we will reveal the details about our next release. For now we will keep it to ourselves. Sorry… 😉

But we do want to wish everyone a merry christmas by telling you that there is “something” evolving in the Interdictor camp. And we want to direct a big thank´s to our supporters. When we first started thinking about releasing Noumenon it was just a matter of expressing ourselves. Getting our art out there no matter what. I don´t think neither Henrik or I expected anyone to take that much notice. We were overwhelmed by the interest around the Noumenon release.

Things changed since then. Now we know that there are people listening. People who care. People who like what we do. Our next release will be for you.

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Influence Interdictors future

First of all we would like to thank everyone who helped us spread the word about Interdictor and Spectrograph. You are very important for us. As an independent band there’s not the same resources for promotion as with a label. Please continue to help people that could possibly like our music to find their way to our Bandcamp page, Facebook and this blog.

We are now leaving Spectrograph behind us and we have already started to write new material. Artisticly we know very well what we want to do now. The overall concept and themes are already there. Some lyrics is finished and the sound we developed with Noumenon and Spectrograph will form a foundation for our new songs.

Second to our own artistic views the people who listen to our music are the most important for us. We would like to hear how YOU would like Interdictor to evolve and deliver new art in the future.

So now there’s a chance to influence the future of Interdictor by answering a simple poll. We will follow up with some more polls when we analyzed the results of the first one. Make sure to tell your friends to go here and show their opinion if they happen to like Interdictor.

What would you prefer as we develop Interdictor further?

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