Federalist 0A

Christian & Henrik

Interdictor in the studio

After a very long time we are very happy to present a new release from the Interdictor camp. So why did it take more than 4 years? After the release of Noumenon we had some interest from a label. But we decided to continue on our own. After the release of Spectrograph there was some renewed interest and we met up with a representative during Electronic Summer 2014.

Nothing was decided but there was some mutual interest and we could obviously need som help with promotion. The idea of a physical release was also rather interesting. Therefore we decided to give it a shot and started working on an album. Things progressed pretty good and after four years we are almost there. We have around 10 songs more or less finished.

BUT, when we sat down and thought about it, we realised that being independent and having full control of what we do is half the fun. We once again decided to continue like before. We embraced the whole process and are now doing mastering for our selves. So for now Interdictor is in control of every single step from idea to the release.

That also means we will continue releasing stuff in the digital EP-format. The EP is called Automaton 0x01 and will be released during the autumn. Today we release one of the songs from that EP in three different versions. There is the English version that will be present on the EP. There is a Swedish version and there is a Danish version. This song is called Federalist 0A.

We are very happy to present a guest appearance by Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip on the Danish version (Federalist 0a 2d). Leaether Strip has been around for ages and always been a major inspiration for Interdictor. Support Leaether Strip over at bandcamp.

Claus Larsen of Leæther Strip

Claus Larsen of Leæther Strip

We think the Danish version of Federalist 0a turned out really good. Claus singing and the danish language is just perfect for this song! For now we hope you will enjoy this single release and we will get back really soon with the complete EP. All songs released under a Creative Commons License. Please download and distribute like you want to.


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