Influence Interdictors future

First of all we would like to thank everyone who helped us spread the word about Interdictor and Spectrograph. You are very important for us. As an independent band there’s not the same resources for promotion as with a label. Please continue to help people that could possibly like our music to find their way to our Bandcamp page, Facebook and this blog.

We are now leaving Spectrograph behind us and we have already started to write new material. Artisticly we know very well what we want to do now. The overall concept and themes are already there. Some lyrics is finished and the sound we developed with Noumenon and Spectrograph will form a foundation for our new songs.

Second to our own artistic views the people who listen to our music are the most important for us. We would like to hear how YOU would like Interdictor to evolve and deliver new art in the future.

So now there’s a chance to influence the future of Interdictor by answering a simple poll. We will follow up with some more polls when we analyzed the results of the first one. Make sure to tell your friends to go here and show their opinion if they happen to like Interdictor.

What would you prefer as we develop Interdictor further?
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