piFesth fünf (release party)


Interdictor was born out of the demoscene and a group of people with kind of similar taste in music, movies and culture in general. We used to visit hacker events around northern Europe and compete with our music, graphics and code. But as we grew older, started working and building families all of us left the scene. We continued our friendship via a mailing list which has been active for more than 15 years now. Now and then some of us got together for a party or a concert.


One of the best things I know is drinking beer and listening to the music I love. The problem is that every time I go to a party I am in minority. Most people show no respect for alternative music so your lucky if you are able to hear 15 seconds of Skinny Puppy before they change song. And then you have to listen to Lady Gaga for 5 hours. So one day I had an idea for the perfect party. Let´s get together just the good old friends with common taste in music, drink beer for a whole day and play our music, loud without interuptions.


piFesth was born. Every summer we get together at my place for many good beers in the sun, barbecue, puffin a few cigars and loud music coming from my beloved piP (therefore the name piFetsh) loudspeakers and Profundus bass modules. We usually put together a playlist for Spotify a few weeks before the party starts to avoid the usual party-spotify-dj. You know the one who interrupts every song and switches music every 15 seconds.


We try to avoid activities in general and concentrate on the music and beer. But once we tried to record a song.  It did not turn out well. When Henrik arrived we were already about 15 beers into the party. Once we had a blind test of Russian vodka. Shooting with a potato cannon was also an interesting experience. Analog synth experimentation is also allowed and of course electric guitar at 03:00.


This year holds the fifth version of this event, of course called piFesth fünf. A few years back when Interdictor was born we started to play our forthcoming material at these parties. A great oportunity to get relevant opinions. This year we have just released our new material. So tomorrow is a combined piFesth and Interdictor release party.


We will all be happy celebrating that we finally got Spectrograph out of the door. And when the party is over and we wake up again we are ready to start working on new material. That will probably take a day or two… 😉 So if there are strange pictures or comment coming out of our Twitter tomorrow, it´s just the live stream from Interdictors releaseparty that has started!!!

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Good or evil, happy or sad, right or wrong. Humanity has reached a state where we view the world around us in yesterdays monochrome vision. There is no time to think, no need to evaluate possibilities somwhere in between the extremes.

The saying is that there are always two sides of the coin. But that is just a matter of perspective. Close enough there are thousand upon thousand facets of the coin. Your mind is a spectrograph. Given some perspective it can separate the wavelenghts. You ARE able to see the full spectrum, not just black and white.

All songs released under a Creative Commons License. Please download and distribute like you want to.


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