Hidden gems #1

Every now and then we will publish info about a song that we really like but most people seem to be unaware of. Songs that are hiding in the shadows. Songs people forgot about, or songs that we think deserves a little bit more attention than they get. So, here comes our first hidden gem:

Tom Shear got a decent amount of EBM/Electro hits in his back catalouge. With his band Assemblage 23 he constantly produces high quality material. Spark, Let me be your armor and Alive has probably been played a thousand times in most electro/ebm oriented clubs.

Personally I find them a little bit too catchy and dance floor oriented most of the time. But once in a while I feel in that mood and Assemblage 23 is on the top of it´s game. The song I´d like to put forward is something completely different though.

I don´t know Tom so I have no idea what he really thinks about this song himself. For me this song is all about honesty and courage as an artist. It takes courage to put a song like this on a record. I don´t know if Tom ever thought of it this way, perhaps it was just a song like any other.

But the thing here is that you can´t hide behind any metaphors or abstractions. The lyrics are crystal clear. There are no booming basses or catchy melody that makes people nod their heads and dance. There is slow sad music and ice cold lyrics. This song is naked.

For me this is something more than just another song. It´s built around a simple idea, unique and professionally crafted. This song is playing with emotions and it makes me feel really bad every time I listen to it. This song does not belong on a danceable electro record. I think it takes guts to put it there. Or perhaps he is just so confident that he didn´t really think about it, I don´t know.

For me this is true art. Not so much for the music itself, even though it is professionally crafted. It´s just making me feel so bad and I like it. Not every pice of music has to be art, but this is and therefore it´s the first hidden gem we would like to recommend. Stay tuned for more.

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