Interdictor´s music on youtube

To be honest I can´t really see the point in using youtube as a music player. If you got a nice music video to go along with the music, it´s fine. But that´s not so common nowadays. Maybe my skepticism originates in all these lousy videos uploaded with terrible bit rates and awful compression that makes your eyes bleed and your ears scream for mercy. But thats just me being a bit audiophile. The fact is that “the kids” seems to use the tube just for this purpose more often than not. So there´s no reason for us not being available on youtube as long as we can control the quality of our appearance.

Interdictor is kind of an arty project involving expressions in many forms. We choose to do almost everything ourselves. That includes everything from sound design, composing, mixing, lyrics, artwork, this site and so on. On Noumenon we did everything but the mastering within a small group of people who could share the artistic view. When it comes to mastering it´s more of a technical issue than an artistic one and there were people who could do it so much faster and better than ourselves for a reasonable amount of money.

That being said it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that we have ideas of expressing our songs even further in the form of videos. There´s an idea of a video for at least Josef K. If that is ever going to happen we don´t know. If it should happen you can´t expect a Hollywood blockbuster 😉 with cgi special effects but in all it´s simplicity we are sure it would be pretentious enough to express our artistic goals. We focus on our music in the first place and that´s just about what we can handle together with our everyday lives. But who knows, you meet creative people everyday. Someone likeminded might just come across the Interdictor project and make it happen. Or some day we just enter that mode of brute force creation and just do it.

That´s about it, for now. We promise to let you all know when that day has come, and the still images of the cover are replaced with a real video!!! 🙂

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The spaces in between me and my P6


I started refurbishing the Polysix synth some time around Christmas. Thought I could finish it up in a few weeks. But some things got in between. First the release of Noumenon that made us work day and night with “The last finishing touch”. Trimming small details of instruments until we were happy with them took us ridiculous amounts of time.  I think we synthesized and trimmed a single kick-drum for a few weeks just before christmas. I don´t know if that kind of attention to details really cuts through to the listeners but personally I think it feels satisfying knowing that we did the best we could do at the time being. There´s obviously a limit to what is sane when it comes to polishing music and perhaps we were balancing on the edge.

Some people would probably argue that this kind of attention to detail is pointless when it comes to Industrial music and all it´s harshness. But nothing could be more wrong, this genre is all about the details. We are happy with the result, but that last month or so really sucked the energy out of us. Even more so for Henrik since he is the musical mastermind of our musical project and the one that had to deal with all the small changes in the end. It was a tiresome process and  while the songs were mastered we started working on this site, our social media accounts, digital distribution channels and hell knows what. We tried some different masterings before we were truly happy. When everything was finally in place we were really really really tired.


We took a small break form synthesizers and music and I thought about taking on the Polysix again but I didn´t have the energy. A few weeks passed and with all positive feedback for Noumenon the inspiration for creation and music came back. I had an idea for a theme that we discussed a bit and we decided to start working again. We constructed the thematic framework for the songs, their content, how they connect to each other and how they should be expressed musically. Then I sat down and started to write the lyrics.

As pretentious as it may sound I really want lyrics to mean something. For me it´s not just words that sound good together. It´s very much built on emotions. The songs on Noumenon are kind of reviewing in a sense. The new songs are more from the inside of peoples minds. That made me take my mind to places I rather not visit. I actually felt physically ill writing some parts. It doesn´t mean that I managed to transfer these emotions into the lyrics but hopefully a few % of it will shine through when Henrik puts music to my words.

I thought about taking a break from the lyrics but I realized that I would never find my way back to that state of mind so I finished it in a week or two. Henrik put up some musical ideas and as I told here on the blog before we are well on our way with the new tracks. Tonight I finally had the energy back to continue the work on my Polysix. I desoldered three 4051-chips and replaced them with new ones in sockets. There are still 4051:s to be replaced but a new problem arose. Im out of 16 pin sockets.


I even felt more motivated when I plugged in the headphones to check that the synth was still ok after my soldering. This synth sounds absolutely amazing, even now when it´s totally out of tune. Im going to order 16 pin sockets and then there are about 10 more chips on the voice board that needs to be replaced before I can calibrate the machine. Hopefully I can finish that job some time before the summer vacation. Like Steve Jobs used to say, “one more thing”. I decided to replace the cpu-board with a kiwisix.


Kiwisix is actually a complete replacement board. I did fix my cpu-board from some bad battery leakage. That feels a bit stupid  now, but I didn´t know about the Kiwisix at that time. Installing the Kiwisix is fairly easy but involves some soldering. I can really recommend this board that gives the Polysix a large amount of new features. Most important for me are 1024 patches that can be saved in memory and a midi-interface. Go get it!!!

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