Industrial (Alternative) clubs

I really do love to drink beer and listen to music. In fact it has to be one of my favorite hobbies. 😉 It´s something in that combination that just sets my soul free and lights up the creative parts of my brain. But every time I take the time to party with some friends I tend to end up in moody dark pubs just because I can´t stand the music of ordinary places. It´s too loud and too… well I think I will spare you my honest opinion on mainstream music, let´s just state that I can´t stand it. And finding places that play decent music in Sweden is almost impossible so, dark pubs it is.


But every time I travel to a new town I try to find clubs that give me the opportunity to listen to Industrial or at least alternative music. Henrik and I have visited Slimelight in London a few times. Last year I tried K17 in Berlin. K17 was a really nice place with an easy atmosphere, it was so nice that I came back the next day and partied until ridiculously late. There were some kind of Depeche Mode night the second evening. I actually do like Depeche Mode but listening to every song from Speak and Spell until Violator nonstop was a bit to much. But still K17 was really nice.


On the 2 of may until the 5 of may I will be staying in Budapest. I do not have any high hopes of finding a nice Industrial club but if someone out there know a place that can serve me some nice beer and alternative music in the capitol of Hungary, please let me know!!!

And by the way. Henrik and I are working more frequently with our new material now. Thematics are there, lyrics are there, the name of the release is set and we have a nice idea about the artwork already. All songs are blueprinted and we are now in some kind of sound design phase. We will be posting updates on the status as things progress.

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