Project Korg Polysix (KLM369 & KLM370)

Breaking rules again and fixing new things before the boards I started are done. Tonight KLM369 & KLM370 were fixed. These are the boards that has the knobs for the envelope, filters, amp, waveforms et.c. These were very straight forward to fix. A few electrolytic capacitors and one 4051 on each board.


The KLM369 located to the far left on the synth can be seen above. This one had a few connectors that was kind of hard to remove. But some bending with a screwdriver made the glue crack. All the knobs on the front has to be removed and the small screw-nut beneath the knob needs to be removed. Then these two boards are connected with a flat cable that can be seen in the picture below.


This one is kind of hard to put back if the left card is put back first. It can be done but it´s a good idea to fix both these cards at once and then mount the KLM370 first, connect the flat cable between them and then mount the KLM369.


Very few capacitors and chips on this one. All the pots and switches on these boards do work so no need to fix them now. The volume knob has some slight noise when turned but that kind of thing will be fixed at the very end.

After this step much of the harsh noise is gone. GREAT. The “hiss” is still there in large amounts but this was a great step towards a not so noisy P6. The acid arpeggio above was recorded when the unit was tested after these two boards were fixed.

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