Project Korg Polysix (CPU board capacitors)

Every electrolytic capacitor on the cpu-board is now exchanged to a new one from Panasonic. When the Polysix was switched back on everything seemed to work exactly as before but some of the program/bank buttons are dead or works sometimes. I guess this has nothing to do with my exchanged caps, the buttons obviously needs to be cleaned or exchanged. This has to wait for later. Actually the unit already started to sound better, I find that kind of strange but perhaps some caps actually were broken and that problem affected the audio in some way. There is still instability and noise so there is a long way home. Not much to see or hear in this stage. Now there is the final stage left for the cpu-board where all 4000-series chips (cmos) will be exchanged. This has to be done in several steps. When that is finished some real improvements of the audio can begin.

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