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I am traveling by train to Gothenburg while writing this. I just realized that it was almost 4 years since I last visited a true industrial live show. 4 years??? It´s actually the same band (FLA) playing this time as it was back in 2010. Is this the state our scene has come to? Just a few big bands that can afford to play live all over the world. Or am I just picky when it comes to what I choose to listen to?

Well I don´t know but tonight is going to be great, Interdictor will get together and discuss our upcoming release, drink some beer and end the night watching one of the best industrial acts ever. They managed to survive and evolve all these years, that´s almost as amazing as the music itself.

If anyone is up for a beer together with Interdictor we will announce our presence via Twitter and Facebook.

See ya!

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