Interdictor releases Noumenon EP

Post industrialisation society led us into the 21st century and a digital revolution. Now information and knowledge is king. If we for one minute turn our heads away from mainstream media and disconnect our infected minds from that restrained stream of knowledge. There are dots to connect, to reveal whats hidden beneath. There are things you can not see, you can not hear, you can not feel. Deep inside you sense them, and you know they are true. They are Noumenon!


Today Interdictors first EP called Noumenon was released for digital distribution. All songs can be downloaded from the music section. As you can see below, the complete EP can be streamed directly from Soundcloud. In a few days/weeks the EP will start to show up at services like Spotify and iTunes.

We send a big thank you to everyone who helped us on this release. No one mentioned no one forgotten. Along with this first release of the EP we managed to get online, distribution channels for our music is up and everything is in place for us to start concentrating on music again. So until the next release, enjoy and please keep following our whereabouts on the blog.

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