Project Korg Polysix (More capacitors)

A small change of plans this time. There was not enough time tonight to start replacing chips tonight. So instead all electrolytic capacitors on the power supply board were exchanged. After that the power supply was calibrated according to the excelent Korg Polysix service manual. So lets look at it before and after.


Originally there´s two larger caps lying down and a bunch of smaller ones standing up. All of them are cheap standard components.


After the replacement this board has only standing capacitors. There´s a VM connected to the checkpoints of the board (15v). It´s not that hard to calibrate everything to 15v, 5v, -5v and -15v. As soon as it was calibrated everything was connected and mounted back into the synth again. Too bad that the noise level were not a single bit reduced. There´s probably a problem in the amp section. We will get there in a while. At least the oscillators has some more bite and now they sound as a Polysix is expected to sound. Listen to this simple bass unison arpeggio for example:

At least now one of the boards are totally refurbished, no need to change anything more on the KLM376.

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