Alt Fest 2014

Henrik told me about this back in april or something like that. We both thought it was this year and realised that we were probably unable to go. But since it´s august 2014 and not 2013 this looks like a chance to see some really good Industrial/EBM bands live, and for that matter some good metal bands as well.

I do miss some of my personal favourites but who knows what they will add to their line up until next autumn and hey: Leather Strip, Front 242, Covenant, Clan of xymox, VNV Nation, Suicide Commando and so on, they are all pretty decent… could be worth watching. 😉 And most important of all, this will probably be a place where you can meet likeminded and interesting people to chat and drink with, that´s something else than your local nightclub. 😉

In the Interdictor camp we really like when people try walking new ways and explore uncharted territory. Crowdfunding a festival is a nice attempt of doing something else than sitting home and flooding twitter about how bad the music business has become. In the Interdictor camp we are seriously considering to visit Alt Fest 2014.

Is anyone else going?

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