Into the studios again


The past two weeks has been a bit hectic for Henrik and me. It took us quite som effort to get Noumenon released. There is a lot more work related to a release than you expect (at least if you have the artistic approach of Interdictor). But now we have all our channels ready for the future communication with our audience.

To be honest we were a bit surprised by the overwhelming positive response we got from most people. We create music that we would like to listen to ourselves. We follow our hearts and that means no compromises. That might scare some people away but there is really nothing we can do about that. Our point of view is kind of strict when it comes to industrial music. Interdictor will continue to walk a straight path in the musical direction we have chosen.

And to prove that, we are back in our studios again, writing new material. At this time we have no indication on when this will be ready for a release. We will keep you informed about the progress in this blog. We do have a concept a theme and lyrics ready. There is also some music almost ready for the production stages so we are well on our way. Currently Henrik is located in the russian town of Togliatti and I am based in Sweden so we keep working in our own studios using the internet for our cooperation. This worked well on Noumenon so we are confident that it will end up even better this time.

Until the next post from us, thanks’s once again for all positive response and if you have any questions, feedback or just anything you want to tell us, please use the comments here on the blog or just drop us an email. We will of course answer on facebook, forums and stuff like that but the blog and email is our primary channels of communication, thats where you will get the fastest response.

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