Digital Recovery 10.1

On the national day of Sweden a digital compilation called Digital Recovery 10.1 will be released.
Interdictor appears together with bands like Leather Strip, Chrysalide and ∆AIMON. Cover art by Sērga_Art : Sculpture by J. Griego Artworks. Mastered by Anatoly Tokee Grinberg

Digital Recovery

The concept of this series (10.1 – 10.5) was to give back to the organizer and creator of the Digital Recovery series Chris Shortt. Chris was diagnosed with Pulmonary Embolism/Blood Clots in his lungs and leg. He wasn’t able to work and bills were piling up. Pal Dragan (Black Sheep Screaming) and Daniel Neet (The Clay People) came up with the idea to create a Digital Recovery release dedicated to helping Chris Shortt & his family.

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Teaser #1

The first song from our upcoming release has reached pre-master state today. We promised to release some snippets of sound as soon as the songs were ready. So here comes a short sample from the first one. There´s nothing wrong there at the end, you just have to wait until the release for the chorus… 😉

Now, let´s finish another one! Stay tuned for teaser #2, probably within a few weeks…

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State of progress


It´s time to share you the state of our progress for the upcoming release. We have more or less reached some kind of production state with everything (if there is such a thing in the process of modern music making). For us that means that the song structures, sound and vocals are all in place and we are polishing  sounds, rhythm and effects.

Well, we still need to record vocals for one more song and then we are all done with that part of the process. In a few weeks we should have all the songs for this release in such a state that we can put some snippets up on Soundcloud so people can hear what to expect this time.

It´s important for us to stay true to the Interdictor sound but at the same time evolve our vision. It won´t sound like Noumenon but it will sound like Interdictor and it will be industrial… we can assure you that!!! We won´t reveal the title just yet but if Noumemon was political and techno philosophical in it´s context, this one will be much more flesh and blood. Still in a philosophical sense though. So now you know exactly what to expect… 😉

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Silent progress


There´s been some silence and no updates on the blog for a while. That doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything interesting. This time of the year, just before Christmas is a bit hectic. We choose to put all the time and energy left after work into music instead of writing blog posts about it. Henrik accomplished some really nice compositions for the upcoming release. All songs are actually finished when it comes to structure and harmony. Well, nothing is probably ever finished, but at least the songs are in such state that we can go on with some singing and working to finish the rhythm parts.

When we are happy with the singing and rhythms we will move on to a production phase where we polish everything to the quality we are happy with. We might add some things and remove others and so on. As I touched  upon with some earlier blog post  that phase was kind of destructive when we worked on Noumenon. Hopefully we learned something then and can add upon that experience for a faster production/polishing phase this time. We also have some new elements for this release that we hope will enhance the Interdictor project with more emotions. What that is we won´t tell at this point 🙂 As things progress at this point we hope to finish the songs for mastering and release in early 2014.

We will keep you informed and reveal some more info…soon! 🙂

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There has been too many spam storms on our site lately so we decided to integrate the blog with Facebook. This means that you must have a valid Facebook account to comment our blog posts. We do not really like the idea of integrating to much with Facebook but it was the best solution for now. After all we would like to concentrate on Interdictor and not on rejecting comments about cheap sneakers and viagra.

This also means that when you comment a blogpost on Interdictors facebook page it will show up in the blog comments on as well. Some old comments might display on the blog and if someone doesn´t like that their comments are displayed outside of Facebook please tell us and we will delete them. Freedom of speech is as important for us as the freedom not to speak.

There could possibly be some disturbance on our site for a while as we test out the new comment mechanism and trim the layout. So please forgive us for any inconvenience that might give you! 😉

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