Industrial (Alternative) clubs

I really do love to drink beer and listen to music. In fact it has to be one of my favorite hobbies. 😉 It´s something in that combination that just sets my soul free and lights up the creative parts of my brain. But every time I take the time to party with some friends I tend to end up in moody dark pubs just because I can´t stand the music of ordinary places. It´s too loud and too… well I think I will spare you my honest opinion on mainstream music, let´s just state that I can´t stand it. And finding places that play decent music in Sweden is almost impossible so, dark pubs it is.


But every time I travel to a new town I try to find clubs that give me the opportunity to listen to Industrial or at least alternative music. Henrik and I have visited Slimelight in London a few times. Last year I tried K17 in Berlin. K17 was a really nice place with an easy atmosphere, it was so nice that I came back the next day and partied until ridiculously late. There were some kind of Depeche Mode night the second evening. I actually do like Depeche Mode but listening to every song from Speak and Spell until Violator nonstop was a bit to much. But still K17 was really nice.


On the 2 of may until the 5 of may I will be staying in Budapest. I do not have any high hopes of finding a nice Industrial club but if someone out there know a place that can serve me some nice beer and alternative music in the capitol of Hungary, please let me know!!!

And by the way. Henrik and I are working more frequently with our new material now. Thematics are there, lyrics are there, the name of the release is set and we have a nice idea about the artwork already. All songs are blueprinted and we are now in some kind of sound design phase. We will be posting updates on the status as things progress.

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Into the studios again


The past two weeks has been a bit hectic for Henrik and me. It took us quite som effort to get Noumenon released. There is a lot more work related to a release than you expect (at least if you have the artistic approach of Interdictor). But now we have all our channels ready for the future communication with our audience.

To be honest we were a bit surprised by the overwhelming positive response we got from most people. We create music that we would like to listen to ourselves. We follow our hearts and that means no compromises. That might scare some people away but there is really nothing we can do about that. Our point of view is kind of strict when it comes to industrial music. Interdictor will continue to walk a straight path in the musical direction we have chosen.

And to prove that, we are back in our studios again, writing new material. At this time we have no indication on when this will be ready for a release. We will keep you informed about the progress in this blog. We do have a concept a theme and lyrics ready. There is also some music almost ready for the production stages so we are well on our way. Currently Henrik is located in the russian town of Togliatti and I am based in Sweden so we keep working in our own studios using the internet for our cooperation. This worked well on Noumenon so we are confident that it will end up even better this time.

Until the next post from us, thanks’s once again for all positive response and if you have any questions, feedback or just anything you want to tell us, please use the comments here on the blog or just drop us an email. We will of course answer on facebook, forums and stuff like that but the blog and email is our primary channels of communication, thats where you will get the fastest response.

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Noumenon on your favorite service


Noumenon is now available on several streaming and digital download services. Rumors about restrictions for buying the songs reached us. Some services are only available in certain areas. This is something that make us sad, but it´s up to the service providers. We really do not want that kind of restrictions for our music, but at the same time we want you to be able to use any service you like. What restrictions they choose and why they do it, well we are as puzzled as everyone else!

I do painfully remember when the latest Nitzer Ebb album was released. A spectacular comeback that made me feel really nostalgic and hopeful. I sat there in the middle of the night with my credit card ready. iTunes was first out so I put the album in my cart and check out. My purchase was rejected because it was not a US credit card.

I got really pissed and downloaded the songs from a service that was free of charge. My attitude to these kind of things is pretty much that music should be available free for all. But if you really like it and want to support the guys doing it (so that they can produce more of it) there should be an easy way to pay as much or as little as you want. I think that Nitzer Ebb really deserved my money that night but they were screwed by their distributors.

That is one of the reasons you are able to download our songs for free in the music section or to stream them via Soundcloud. Nowadays I am a paying customer of Spotify. I think it´s a really good service that adds a value for me as a customer. Search, playlists, offline sync, mobile services. The only thing I really miss is the ability to buy a larger package for my household. One account per person is not going to work for a family.

Spotify is simply worth the money for me. I can only hope that as much of that money as possible reaches the people who deserve it. My personal favourite service might not be the choice for everyone. There´s probably a special feature in another service that you really need. And the most important thing is that you, the listener feel comfortable and happy. So we tried to put our songs on as many services as possible. Just try to search for Interdictor on your favorite service:

Apple iTunes
Amazon MP3
Xbox Music
Google Music Store
Muve Music
MySpace Music

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Interdictor releases Noumenon EP

Post industrialisation society led us into the 21st century and a digital revolution. Now information and knowledge is king. If we for one minute turn our heads away from mainstream media and disconnect our infected minds from that restrained stream of knowledge. There are dots to connect, to reveal whats hidden beneath. There are things you can not see, you can not hear, you can not feel. Deep inside you sense them, and you know they are true. They are Noumenon!


Today Interdictors first EP called Noumenon was released for digital distribution. All songs can be downloaded from the music section. As you can see below, the complete EP can be streamed directly from Soundcloud. In a few days/weeks the EP will start to show up at services like Spotify and iTunes.

We send a big thank you to everyone who helped us on this release. No one mentioned no one forgotten. Along with this first release of the EP we managed to get online, distribution channels for our music is up and everything is in place for us to start concentrating on music again. So until the next release, enjoy and please keep following our whereabouts on the blog.

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Project Korg Polysix (Effects board)

The effect board had all it´s electrolytic capacitors and all it´s 4000 series chips exchanged. The noise level is still high. This board needs to be calibrated but that has to wait until the voice board is refurbished and calibrated.


This board had a lot of electrolytic capacitors and a few 4000 series chips. This improvisation was recorded to test that the chorus/ensemble still was ok. Despite my sloppy playing and lack of idea the beauty of the P6 strings shines through. EQ and Reverb was added.

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Project Korg Polysix (KLM369 & KLM370)

Breaking rules again and fixing new things before the boards I started are done. Tonight KLM369 & KLM370 were fixed. These are the boards that has the knobs for the envelope, filters, amp, waveforms et.c. These were very straight forward to fix. A few electrolytic capacitors and one 4051 on each board.


The KLM369 located to the far left on the synth can be seen above. This one had a few connectors that was kind of hard to remove. But some bending with a screwdriver made the glue crack. All the knobs on the front has to be removed and the small screw-nut beneath the knob needs to be removed. Then these two boards are connected with a flat cable that can be seen in the picture below.


This one is kind of hard to put back if the left card is put back first. It can be done but it´s a good idea to fix both these cards at once and then mount the KLM370 first, connect the flat cable between them and then mount the KLM369.


Very few capacitors and chips on this one. All the pots and switches on these boards do work so no need to fix them now. The volume knob has some slight noise when turned but that kind of thing will be fixed at the very end.

After this step much of the harsh noise is gone. GREAT. The “hiss” is still there in large amounts but this was a great step towards a not so noisy P6. The acid arpeggio above was recorded when the unit was tested after these two boards were fixed.

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