Silent progress


There´s been some silence and no updates on the blog for a while. That doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything interesting. This time of the year, just before Christmas is a bit hectic. We choose to put all the time and energy left after work into music instead of writing blog posts about it. Henrik accomplished some really nice compositions for the upcoming release. All songs are actually finished when it comes to structure and harmony. Well, nothing is probably ever finished, but at least the songs are in such state that we can go on with some singing and working to finish the rhythm parts.

When we are happy with the singing and rhythms we will move on to a production phase where we polish everything to the quality we are happy with. We might add some things and remove others and so on. As I touched  upon with some earlier blog post  that phase was kind of destructive when we worked on Noumenon. Hopefully we learned something then and can add upon that experience for a faster production/polishing phase this time. We also have some new elements for this release that we hope will enhance the Interdictor project with more emotions. What that is we won´t tell at this point 🙂 As things progress at this point we hope to finish the songs for mastering and release in early 2014.

We will keep you informed and reveal some more info…soon! 🙂

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Maiikro Bruto

You just got to love Japanese guys doing synth demos. I have no idea what he is talking about but this guy is awesome! By the way, an Arturia micro brute is definitely going inside my studio. It looks really handy, affordable and it sounds like there are industrial sounds inside waiting to get out! 🙂

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There has been too many spam storms on our site lately so we decided to integrate the blog with Facebook. This means that you must have a valid Facebook account to comment our blog posts. We do not really like the idea of integrating to much with Facebook but it was the best solution for now. After all we would like to concentrate on Interdictor and not on rejecting comments about cheap sneakers and viagra.

This also means that when you comment a blogpost on Interdictors facebook page it will show up in the blog comments on as well. Some old comments might display on the blog and if someone doesn´t like that their comments are displayed outside of Facebook please tell us and we will delete them. Freedom of speech is as important for us as the freedom not to speak.

There could possibly be some disturbance on our site for a while as we test out the new comment mechanism and trim the layout. So please forgive us for any inconvenience that might give you! 😉

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Psychiatric playground


I recently had the pleasure of visiting a former mental hospital which was also used as a sanatorium for patients suffering from tuberculosis. These two areas of medical care have more in common than one would first expect due to the nature of the frequent tuberculosis outbreaks in the beginning of the 19th century. Quite often, the survivors who escaped the illness and the probable slow death often ended up being the last survivor of their families. Due to this, the suicide rates were very high in medical facilities caring for the survivors.

According to the prevailing method of treating tuberculosis at that time, the sanatoriums were often located in remote areas with fresh and dry air, often surrounded by forests. From a modern medical viewpoint, the main advantages of these installations were most likely the improved sanitary conditions rather than mountain air, compared to the surrounding villages and the inadequate hygiene that was common at that time.






















All images were captured by Henrik Sundberg and Linda Fredling. Equipment used: Sony A99 & Sony A900, Minolta AF 50/1.4, Minolta AF 17-35/2.8-4.5 & Sigma 12-24

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Alt Fest 2014

Henrik told me about this back in april or something like that. We both thought it was this year and realised that we were probably unable to go. But since it´s august 2014 and not 2013 this looks like a chance to see some really good Industrial/EBM bands live, and for that matter some good metal bands as well.

I do miss some of my personal favourites but who knows what they will add to their line up until next autumn and hey: Leather Strip, Front 242, Covenant, Clan of xymox, VNV Nation, Suicide Commando and so on, they are all pretty decent… could be worth watching. 😉 And most important of all, this will probably be a place where you can meet likeminded and interesting people to chat and drink with, that´s something else than your local nightclub. 😉

In the Interdictor camp we really like when people try walking new ways and explore uncharted territory. Crowdfunding a festival is a nice attempt of doing something else than sitting home and flooding twitter about how bad the music business has become. In the Interdictor camp we are seriously considering to visit Alt Fest 2014.

Is anyone else going?

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One of those weeks


This week was one of those weeks! The idea was that I should have completed some drum programming and sound design for a song on our next release. Out came nothing. After a few night´s with too little sleep I kind of crashed in bed two night´s in a row and woke up the day after feeling tired all over again. I wanted so bad to go further with the music but sometime there´s just not enough energy and time left and you need to rest before things get out of hand.

I wish I could put more time into music and less time into work but that´s not going to happen anytime soon, and I am absolutely not complaining about it. In fact it makes me kind of pissed when spoiled artist wants to stop time or even travel backwards to a time when they could make a living out of music.

Sure I understand that it feels like shit when you all of a sudden have to find a boring job instead of doing what you really want to do all day long. But hey, welcome to reality. Either you adapt or you find yourself stuck in yesterday, and I promise you yesterday is a lonely place.


I could go on forever talking about more philosophic aspects of the value of art and so on. But let us leave that for now. When I was tired as hell I came to think about how I started with music. Since the age of twelve (when I bought my first computer) I have been spending many hours every day in front of the computer writing computer programs.

When I got my first job at 19 I got employed as a computer programmer and I continued programming when I came home at night. One night many years later something inside of me just said stop. It´s too late to change career but I need something else to do in my spare time before my head explodes.


You could think that resting is a good thing to do in your spare time. But I really need to do something creative to feel good, I need to express myself in artistic ways. Believe it or not, computer programming is art. At least for some of us. I don´t remember how, but I found an online course in music theory.

A few hours later I knew about the harmonic series and I had a new passion in life. First of all I bought the software Reason and from there on things evolved quickly. I knew Henrik since before and I asked him to mentor me a bit when I had problems understanding things.

I wrote some lyrics for Henriks work and we started working more together. Henrik is the experienced musician and talented composer while I am more of the knob twisting newcomer with the crazy ideas and the thematic vision. I think we complete each other in some ways. And nowadays my house is full of analog synths.


When I started I promised myself one simple thing. Never, never, never start projects like I did with my computer programming. Projects that I had to complete and projects someone else but me would be a stakeholder in. Well that failed totally and I am happy for it! I love doing what we do with Interdictor. I guess I’m not that good at everyday communication but this makes me vent stuff that I can´t express in other ways.

There will come a new week for drum programming and hopefully I will get some sleep so I can concentrate better this time. Things wasn´t just bad anyway. Henrik laid down some very nice parts for one of the new songs. That song is full of emotions and that´s where Henriks composing really shines.

We are really looking forward to completing the songs now, and we will try really hard to do so before or just after the end of this year. Time is short so we won’t make any promises, but stay tuned!

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