Cold war remaints of Togliatti.

About 1000 km east of Moscow lies a city which could be best described as The Automotive Capital of Russia: Togliatti (Толятти).

Hosting not only one the largest automotive factories in the world, Togliatti is also home to a very unique museum: “The Technical Tuseum / Технический музей”. Due to it´s incredibly large collection of past-time military equipment, this place is a dream come true for any photographer equipped with more than just a tiny taste for industrial or history.






































All photos by Henrik Sundberg and Linda Fredling.




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Teaser #1

The first song from our upcoming release has reached pre-master state today. We promised to release some snippets of sound as soon as the songs were ready. So here comes a short sample from the first one. There´s nothing wrong there at the end, you just have to wait until the release for the chorus… 😉

Now, let´s finish another one! Stay tuned for teaser #2, probably within a few weeks…

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Join Interdictor to see FLA live


Frontline Assembly is performing live at Musikens Hus in Gothenburg on the 14th of june. Henrik and I will be visiting this event with some friends. There´s a probability of 100% that we will have a beer or two before the concert. So if you are going to see FLA or just happen to be in Gothenburg you are most welcome to grab a beer with Interdictor. Keep your eyes on our Twitter and Facebook.

Closer to the event we will announce where we will fuel ourselves before the show, you are welcome to join us.


Who knows, if you bring your headphones you might be the first one to hear our new songs… 😉

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Swedish post-industrial monument

Sulfite factory, Sweden.

The factory, once part of a major chemical business, was abandoned in the late seventies when globalization changed the market terms and rendered many previous investments obsolete.

























All images by Henrik Sundberg & Linda Fredling.
Equipment used: Sony A900, Sony A99, Minolta AF 17-35, Sigma 12-24, Minolta AF 50/1.4


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State of progress


It´s time to share you the state of our progress for the upcoming release. We have more or less reached some kind of production state with everything (if there is such a thing in the process of modern music making). For us that means that the song structures, sound and vocals are all in place and we are polishing  sounds, rhythm and effects.

Well, we still need to record vocals for one more song and then we are all done with that part of the process. In a few weeks we should have all the songs for this release in such a state that we can put some snippets up on Soundcloud so people can hear what to expect this time.

It´s important for us to stay true to the Interdictor sound but at the same time evolve our vision. It won´t sound like Noumenon but it will sound like Interdictor and it will be industrial… we can assure you that!!! We won´t reveal the title just yet but if Noumemon was political and techno philosophical in it´s context, this one will be much more flesh and blood. Still in a philosophical sense though. So now you know exactly what to expect… 😉

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Another master


When we were about to release Noumenon we decided to look for a mastering engineer that seemed experienced in our genre and preferably had experience from some of the bands we like most. We found a few candidates and decided to go for Jan Lehmkämper (X-FUSION MUSIC PRODUCTION) and Andreas Andersson (SERVANT STUDIO).

Jan has some nice projects of his own with X-Fusion,  Noisuf-X and Kombat Unit. Appart from his own bands he has experience from mastering a lot of  bands in the scene for example Suicide Commando and SITD.  Servant Studio adds bands like Interlace, Covenant and Thermostatic to their CV. So which one should we go for?

Well, you should always remember the first rule of government spending: why have one when you can have two for twice the price? We decided to try both of them and then select the one we liked best for the official release. Both guys did a great job and they are very nice people to work with. Actually we were very happy with both masters but in the end we decided to use the one from Servant Studios.

Some people might not even hear the difference but the official one has more dynamic content while the other one is louder and more “in the face”. Now we decided to release the one that didn´t make it for the official release on Soundcloud so you can decide for yourself wich one you like best!

By the way, we are working hard on our new material so stay tuned for more information! 🙂

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