People of todays societies are given their reality through a screen, some ink, radio waves or some authority already in control of their minds. Audio, video, texts and preaching streamlined, processed and filtered to fit a purpose. Views other than those presented by these mediums are unimportant and to be ridiculed and ignored. Art is a powerful tool of control and therefor it´s value is no longer within, but reduced to the latest sales figures and voting polls.Like a sculptor that remove to create and reveal the shape hidden within, we create without governmental, corporate or sacral censorship and guidelines. We reflect the world around us in our art, unfiltered, unobscured and without any other purpose than the creation itself. Gods and the value of $ are imaginary things, but they are still worshiped and authoritative. We worship nothing but the creativity of mankind.

We are Interdictor, and we truly believe that:

to express the self is the meaning of life