Industrial music


Frontline Assembly is performing live at Musikens Hus in Gothenburg on the 14th of june. Henrik and I will be visiting this event with some friends. There´s a probability of 100% that we will have a beer or two before the concert. So if you are going to see FLA or just happen to be in Gothenburg you are most welcome to grab a beer with Interdictor. Keep your eyes on our Twitter and Facebook.

Closer to the event we will announce where we will fuel ourselves before the show, you are welcome to join us.


Who knows, if you bring your headphones you might be the first one to hear our new songs… ;)

Swedish post-industrial monument

Sulfite factory, Sweden. The factory, once part of a major chemical business, was abandoned in the late seventies when globalization changed the market terms and rendered many previous investments... Read more

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